Opt-in Site Audit

Frustrated with the slow growth of your email list? 

An opt-in site audit is a complete and indepth audit of your site giving you specific opt-in ideas to add to your site. During this 6-hour audit I will give you a detailed list of site specific opt-in ideas to add to your website.

Here what's included in the opt-in site audit:

  • A total of 10 specific opt-in ideas
  • 6-8 of the ideas will be post/pg specific
  • 2-4 of the ideas will be site specific
  • Connect to Google analytics to understand your audience, popular posts, and language your audience uses
  • Detailed report with 10 opt-in ideas ready to be created
  • 10 opt-in templates so you can copy and paste and make these opt-ins brand specific
  • Upload to ConvertKit create form and attach to sequence/automation

Frequently asked questions...

How long will this take?

After we talk we will schedule the day that I will perform the audit. This will take me about 6 hours to do the audit and then another 1-2 hours to complete the report.

Will you be making the opt-ins for me?

No, however, you can make them, send them to your designer, or use the templates I will provide for you.

Why do I need to be on a monthly plan to order this service?

This is the best way to grow and optimize your site and it is also very time consuming. As fairness to my monthly maintenance clients I will only offer this service to them.  

Ready to get started?

Please fill out the application below and we will be in touch with you in 24-48 hours (Monday-Friday).

Pricing starts at $900

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I've been blogging full time since January 2016. I was able to grow an active and engaged email list with a small audience. I was able to grow my email list to over 8,000 with less than 15,000 pageviews a month in under 3 years. I love everything about email lists, funnels, sales pages, and more. Let me take the stress out of your email list!